3D holographic projection

From major installations to bespoke units, The Rock Group deliver life-like projections which appear as 3D holograms so astonishing it’s impossible to set them apart from the real thing.  


Based on Peppers Ghost, an optical illusion from the 19th century, The Rock Group use the very latest technology  in their range of projection systems, bringing endless opportunities to their clients in what or who they can bring to life.

Without the need for any hardware, 3D glasses, or smart phones to view The Rock Group’s projections, the results are immediate and the potential is limitless.

Bourne out of CEO James Rock's experience in having co-founded the Musion group of companies, The Rock Group have unrivalled expertise and knowledge to deliver clients the very best personalised service:  from the conception of your idea through to its delivery and execution,  The Rock Group takes care of every aspect of your project ensuring maximum impact and results.

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